Talks about the 3rd season are already underway

Squid Game (c) Netflix

Squid Game was so successful that Netflix is ​​already planning the third season, although season two has not even been shot. The series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk now spoke about the negotiations with the streamer.

When Bridgerton became the most successful Netflix series to date in 2020, the streaming service Shonda rewarded Rhimes and Co with three more seasons (season two starts on March 25th). In the case of the South Korean hit Squid Game, it has only been a sequel that has been discussed so far. But now the showrunner Hwang Dong-hyuk brings another season into play.

In an interview with the Korean Broadcasting System Hwang said he was talking to Netflix. As was already known, it would be about season two, but “also a third season“Lying on the table. A decision in this regard is already “bald” expected. Nothing would be set in stone yet.

Squid Game: Review of the successful South Korean series on Netflix

In November, it was Hwang himself who confirmed that he had agreed with Netflix on a second season (we reported). He also said that the main character Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae )’s fight against the “Squid Game“Organizers will be at the center. One of the reasons why the official order for this is still a long time coming could be because the platform wants to put together a double pack.

In just 28 days of its release, Squid Game was streamed nearly 142 million times, according to Netflix information. Bridgerton’s previous record was “only“82 million streams in the first month, although the streamer had even fewer subscribers at the time. Nielsen, where the television ratings are also measured, recorded around three billion streaming minutes for the exceptional series from South Korea.

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