Tariq Halilintar Sends Love Code, Fuji: Who is it for? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Thariq Halilintar seems to be getting closer to Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law Fuji. Even recently, Atta Halilintar’s sister stole attention for allegedly sending a love code for the 19-year-old virgin.

As seen in the @fuji_thoriq fanbase account. Look Thariq Halilintar shared a photo of him on vacation in Turkey, standing in a snowy area.


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“Warm snow, melting laughter, don’t mislead me in your riddles,” wrote Tariq Halilintar in the caption for his upload, quoted on Saturday (1/1/2021).

The sentence that was written by Tariq Halilintar in the description of his upload was juxtaposed by netizens with a quote from a writer named Alvi Syahrin. Apparently the sentence is exactly the same.

But it turns out that there is a missing sentence in the dots written by Tariq, namely ‘I have fallen in love’. This makes netizens believe that Tariq Halilintar gave a signal of love to Fuji.

Moreover, Fuji also commented on the upload. The sister-in-law of the late Vanessa Angel asked who the writing was intended for.

“For whom, bro?” Fuji asked.

Tariq then replied that his writing was intended for Fuji indirectly by mentioning his father’s name, Faisal.

“His son is Pak Haji Faisal,” replied Thariq.

Netizens were immediately busy commenting on the upload. The words “falling in love” that Tariq deliberately omitted were considered code for Fuji.

“Hmm, there are words that are missing. Still shy, guys,” commented netizens.

“Giving dots in the sentence indicates that there is still a connection. It’s still embarrassing to say I’m in love,” another netizen commented.