Taylor Swift admits embarrassing mistakes on “Evermore” – fans don’t believe it

Taylor Swift surprised her fans with a new album.Photo: Invision / Rick Scuteri

With “Evermore” Taylor Swift released her second album of the year after “Folklore” last week, which also came out of nowhere and surprised its fans. Few stars were as productive as they were during the corona quarantine. The new songs are also causing enthusiasm among the fans.

However, the current record is also a big mystery – or at least it was like that until yesterday. Now the singer revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” what the word “Woodvale” is about, which is hidden in white letters on the “Evermore” cover.

Taylor Swifts Codewort “Woodvale”

Fans had already speculated: Is “Woodvale” a reference to another surprise album by the singer to be released soon? Not really, as it turns out now.

Taylor Swift reveals to Jimmy Kimmel that she wanted to avoid a leak of the album titles “Folklore” and “Evermore” at all costs. About her work on “Folklore” she said: “I was too afraid to tell my closest teammates and management about the title of my album.”

So she came up with the fake title “Woodvale”, which consists of as many letters as “Folklore”. To be on the safe side, Swift even created fake album covers with the “Woodvale” lettering on them. But then the star became careless:

“I made this dummy, but then decided that I really didn’t want a track on the album covers and forgot to remove the wrong code name.”

So “Woodvale” has no place on the “Evermore” album. In fact, Taylor Swift just made a pretty silly mishap.

Taylor Swift’s fans are skeptical

Compared to Jimmy Kimmel, the singer insists that this story is really true. Your fans are skeptical on social networks. One Twitter user, for example, commented on the statement: “Nah, I don’t believe you for a second.”

Another fan said: “For the sake of my health, I choose to believe that this is a lie.” A third surprise album after “Folklore” and “Evermore” in the near future would be too good after all.

Time will tell whether Taylor Swift is just fooling the fans and is secretly working on the next album. It is not very likely that a world star like you would make such a blatant mistake that would go unnoticed by those around you before the release.