Taylor Swift and other stars say goodbye to 2020

01.01.2021 – 12:33

“Thank god it’s over!”
Taylor Swift and other stars say goodbye to 2020

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Taylor Swift is also happy that 2020 is over

The Corona year 2020 also took a toll on the international stars. Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Johnny Depp and more are saying goodbye and welcoming 2021.

2020 is finally over. Numerous international stars have spoken out to say goodbye to a disastrous year and to wish only the very best for 2021. Here is a selection:

“It was strange”

“Bye 2020, it was strange,” is US megastar Taylor Swift (31, “Evermore”) comment on the past few months. Fittingly, the singer published a strange picture on Instagram that shows her with a bear’s head on her own head.

Your British colleague Victoria Beckham (46) can only agree. The singer, who became known with the Spice Girls, shared past moments and wrote: “Happy New Year! And thank God it’s over!” Last year and Christmas were “very different for so many of us”.

“It’s over”, celebrated football legend Pelé (80) on Twitter and wished a happy new year. “May 2021 be a much better year for all of us!” And also the Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (35) said that “2020 was not an easy year”. There is no doubt about that. Now is the time to “get back on your feet and show that we can make a difference together”.

Laugh as much as you can

Hollywood star Johnny Depp (57), meanwhile, emphasized how important it is to spread happiness right now. Although the world longs for “better days”, the actor hopes “that all of you can find a moment tonight to smile and, more importantly, laugh and make others laugh as much as you can”. He knows that this is difficult at the moment, but the 57-year-old wishes everyone happiness and health.

Actress Reese Witherspoon (44) published a short video message on Instagram. “I know 2020 was incredibly difficult,” she explains. You have to distance yourself and mourn everything that has been lost – be it jobs or loved ones. She would like to especially thank the medical staff, teachers and systemically important workers for their commitment during the pandemic. But 2021 could “not come quickly enough”. They also hope for “brighter days” in the future.

The British actress and singer Amanda Holden (49) sent her fans topless greetings from a hot tub. Her back to the camera, she raised a champagne glass. The words “Tschüss 2020!” Were emblazoned on her bikini panties over her bottom.

Actress and presenter Jada Pinkett Smith (49) also published a picture in a bikini. “Welcome with open arms in 2021,” she said. She has no expectations of the year and wants to be “calm and grateful”.

Star and television chef Gordon Ramsay (54) had meanwhile come up with something very special. Disguised as a grandmother and with a dance performance, he too said goodbye to the old year. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to say goodbye in 2020. Here’s my little dance to put a smile on your face after a tough year!”

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