Taylor Swift releases two music videos that bring Jake Gyllenhaal’s worst nightmares to life

Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

The fabulous Taylor Swift has spoiled his admirers all over the world with two new music videos. The first video, 10 minutes long, highlights a new version of the song All Too Well, taken from his version of his album Red.

Even more, the second video is around the song I Bet You Think About Me. The work was produced by Blake Lively, her very first project as a director. We were pleasantly surprised, since the second video was a surprise! We have to say that the effect of suspense is the singer’s new mantra and we are not sorry about that. She keeps us all on edge throughout the video.

The artist mentioned in a Twitter post about Blake Lively: “Jfinally got to work with the bright, brave and hilarious @blakelively when she started as a manager. Join us, while we raise our glasses and hell. »

Although this is the very first time the duo have worked together, the singer has often referred to their friendly relationship with Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds. For example, at the start of his song Gorgeous, taken from the excellent album Reputation, we hear the voice of James, the couple’s daughter, who says the word “ gorgeous “. All the more, in his song Betty, taken from the album Folklore, she mentions the names of the couple’s three daughters: Betty, Inez and James.

In an interview with SiriusXM, Ryan Reynolds mentioned: ” We find it absolutely, absolutely fabulous! Even today, I walk in the street and I say to myself “I still can’t believe it happened” Speaking of the fact that Swift put her daughters’ names in her song.

The video of I Bet You Think About Me stars popular actor Miles Teller, who is haunted by Taylor Swift dressed in red, during her marriage to another woman. The cutest (and funny) thing is that the bride is played by Miles Teller’s real wife, Keleigh Sperry.

We all have a loved one who is completely crazy or mad about the singer. We can only admire their love for her and listen with them, all her songs on repeat, and sing at the top of your lungs.