Taylor Swift: Your stalker will be behind bars for 30 months

Court ruling
Taylor Swift’s stalker has been behind bars for 30 months

Taylor Swift should be relieved by the verdict.

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Taylor Swift has been a victim of stalkers on several occasions. Now a young man from Texas has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for repeatedly sending threatening letters to the singer’s record company.

A sigh of relief at Taylor Swift: A Nashville, Tennessee court has sentenced a man to 30 months in prison for molesting the singer. The defendant, who is from Austin, Texas, had previously pleaded guilty to stalking the singer and sending threatening letters to her former record company.

Accordingly, the man sent more than 40 letters and emails to the Big Machine Label Group in 2018, in which he asked the chairman to introduce him to Taylor Swift. Over time these letters became more aggressive and he threatened violence in them. The man himself drove to Nashville three times to deliver the letters personally.

Taylor Swift has been harassed several times

The convict is not the only stalker the pop singer has suffered from. Police arrested a 29-year-old man three years ago who had followed Swift for years and harassed him on Twitter. He called it “my fantasy come true” or wrote: “I promise you, I will deserve you”. He also visited Swift’s luxury apartment in New York’s Tribeca several times. Sometimes he rang her doorbell for hours, another time he even made it into the house and into the hallway in front of her door.

Another man called the police and asked which states he was allowed to carry a gun in. He needs this to protect his girlfriend Taylor Swift. In addition, last year police arrested a potential intruder who was seen with a lockpick, crowbar and baseball bat near Swift’s house.

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So far, the singer has survived all attempts at harassment – at least physically – unscathed. But the constant threat has not left her without a trace. “My fear of violence has infected all areas of my life”, she admitted in an interview with “Elle” last year, adding that she always carries bandages with her that are suitable for gunshot or stab wounds.

Source used: “USA Today”