Taylor Swift’s childhood home on sale for $1.1 million

One of the popstar’s childhood homes has gone on sale for over $1 million.

Remember: a few years ago, Taylor Swift published Christmas Tree Farma Christmas song directly inspired by his very first house. A few years later, the Swift family will rent a three-story house with five bedrooms in Reading (in the State of Pennsylvania)… and precisely, it is this house that has just found a buyer. Built in 1929, this 325 square meter building extends over a property of more than three hectares. The family will live there for three years, before finally moving to Nashville to pursue the musical career of the young artist who was Taylor Swift at the time.

According to New York Post, the property was put up for sale last February, for $1.1 million. After a few weeks on the market, she was finally signed on April 8 (after a $100,000 cut). In 2020, the former owner of the house had also published a video that went viral on Tik Tokvideo in which she explained her home’s connection to the Swift family. In an interview given to House Beautiful Sydney Redner (the former owner) had thus revealed that the footprints of the singer are also engraved in the cement outside the house.

Many fan visits

« We get a lot of fans taking pictures outside the house,” Redner told the magazine. “I feel like there’s more around the holidays, when people come from other states and want to see her”. She continues: “If Taylor Swift plays a concert in Philadelphia or somewhere near it, there will be more fans. Our family is fine with fans taking photos, as long as they are prompt and respectful. »