Taylor Swift’s song dedicated to Tom Hiddleston

The fast they cannot demand more. And it is that his greatest idol, Taylor Swift, surprised everyone last week with the release of Red (Taylor version). Not only did he release the new recording of the album released in 2012 -After the controversy with the record company that accompanied her throughout her career – but also made a short film of her song Very good where he clearly refers to his romance with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Social media was filled with jokes and memes alluding to this couple and everything got even better with the launch of the trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home, trilogy in which the actor had his villain character. But he was not the only actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with whom the singer had a relationship. This was also the case with Tom Hiddleston, the star that personifies Loki and that this year he created his own series in Disney +.

It’s common to hear that for each of his former partners, Taylor writes a song. And the British actor was not left out since Swift also prepared a theme. It is Car Getaway, which is part of the album released in 2017., Reputation. Obviously he was an obvious inspiration when composing since their relationship took place from June to September 2016.

What are the clues? The singer explains that one romance ended too quickly to start another, something like what happened with the end of her bond with Calvin Harris and the debut with Tom Hiddleston. Also talk about where you met and mention a place with « black ties and white lies« , a phrase that may be closely related to their first meeting in the Met Gala.

The couple wowed fans after seeing them very happy to enjoy the beach where they have their mansion in Rhode Island and later to England, Australia and Italy. In addition, Tom was wearing a T-shirt that read: “I like TS”. Their lives today take separate paths that are very different from each other. However, his followers – far from resenting him like Gyllenhaal – remember it as one of their favorite artist’s personal best moments.

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