Terambyar! Here are 7 Category 54 Ambyar Special Awards Nominations 2021: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – MNCTV is proud to host the Ambyar Awards event again in its second year. The event is a form of consistency and appreciation for millennial campursari & dangdut music, which presents works/lyrics of songs with the theme of broken hearts, in Indonesian or regional languages. This appreciation should also be given for the loyalty of the campursari musicians & the millennial generation who continue to work even during the pandemic.

In this second year, the Ambyar Awards, which is the gathering place for “Ambyar friends”, comes with 7 categories and 54 nominations. The nominations were selected based on the originality of the song and the number of viewers, starting from the period July 2020 to August 2021.

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Ambyar Awards Special 2021, A gathering place for Ambyar’s Musicians and Friends

The following are the Ambyar Awards Special 2021 categories:

Category “Highest Newcomer”

1. Aftershine feat. Damara: Ora Iso Lali

2. Dara Ayu: Pelas Teri

3. James Ap feat. Syahiba Saufa: Tepung Kanji

4. Ati Loro Afficial: LDR

5. Safira Inema: Dada Darling

6. Acoustic TTM: Strong

Category “Broken Hearts Termbyar”

1. Denny Caknan feat. Happy Romance: Enemy

2. Happy Asmara: Wes Tatas

3. James Ap feat Syahiba Saufa: Tepung Kanji

4. Their Ati Official: LDR

5. Ndarboy: Cloudy Without Rain

6. Acoustic TTM: Strong Ati

Category “Pop Cover Singer Most Popular Songs”

1. Aviwkila: The Dol

2. Betrand Peto Putra Onsu: Mr.

3. Charly Van Houten: Lintang Ati

4. Jemimah Idol: Dear

5. Kirana Idol: Left Wounded

6. Melisa Hartanto Idol: Los Dol

The 3 categories above can be voted on by voting through the RCTI+ application and then selecting the nominees on the “Ambyar Awards Special 2021” voting channel. You can also vote via Instagram, follow Instagram @officialmnctv & like the photo of your ambyar hero nomination. The voting period starts from 7 – 27 September 2021.

In addition to the categories that can be voted directly by Sobat Ambyar through the RCTI + application and Instagram Official MNCTV, at the Ambyar Special Awards 2021 there will be a Jury Selection Category including the Best Ambyar Music Organizer Category, the Best Ambyar Male Singer Category, “Singer Category” Best Ambyar Woman ”, Special Category“ Legend Award”and Latest Category “Best Ambyar Video Clip” Category

Be a part of the 2021 Special Ambyar Awards by voting for your Ambyar Champion and don’t forget to watch the 2021 Ambyar Awards Special broadcast live on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 21.00 WIB. only on MNCTV, Always in the heart.