Terminator 2: This Is How The Famous Sequence Of The Kitchen With The T-1000 Was Shot

Time flies. Terminator 2: Final Judgment will be released in theaters around the globe in July 1991, forever changing the film industry and setting fire to an entire generation of viewers who elevated its protagonist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and its director, James Cameron. The filmmaker has confessed that writing the script was an odyssey and that even Arnold came to doubt his success. In any case, it was a revolutionary film, full of digital and practical special effects that revolutionized the medium. Y among the multiple mythical sequences, its managers have rehearsed how the one in the kitchen was shot, in which it is revealed that the T-1000 Liquid Metal (Jason Patrick) has taken the form of John Connor’s (Edward Furlong) foster mother.

The scene involved Xander Berkeley and Jenette Goldstein, who played the Connor’s adoptive parents, and it was a true engineering masterpiece when it came to practical special effects, camera tricks and perspectives, and digital infographics. The Ringer).

A scene that combines various special effects and helps to understand the power of the T-1000

“I remember him writing the script and it was like … Your arm becomes a sword?”, explained Goldestein, Cameron’s fetish actress who appears in tapes such as Aliens: The Return o en Titanic. The sequence itself may seem simple and lasts only a few seconds, but it took weeks to plan. “I had to practice having to swallow a sword for two weeks before filming it. I did it with a dull aluminum sheet. In production, they made a mold of my head so they could put a retractable sheet it came out from the back and shone from the specific side that was going to be filmed, “says Berkeley.

“The problem was that the blade had to be deep enough inside my mouth so that it could be credible, because then a part of it had to come out behind my head,” the actor clarifies. “I remember that also they made a model of my arm and painted my skin with small dots, at least where the sword started, and then they had to place it inside Xander’s mouth, “the actress continues. Schwarzenegger recalls that the sequence surprised her on screen when she saw it in its entirety. “Stan Winston was a genius”, clarifies in the interview itself in relation to the legendary special effects master, who died a few years ago and the direct manager of films such as Aliens, Terminator or even Jursico Park.

Winston created three different blades, all identical in appearance, which must be coordinated to make the sequence more realistic. The actor, who is killed by the T-1000 in the fiction, remembers that after filming his death, he had to remain motionless for hours lying on the ground. “When I was released and fell to the floor, I had to stay in that position for four or five hours until four in the morning without moving. I was lying in the middle of the kitchen floor, and around my body there are a puddle of milk and a puddle of blood. He made it very clear to me that if I moved a millimeter in any of the following sequences, it would ruin the shot. I couldn’t move for several days, it was ground, but then Jim sent me a bottle of Cristal champagne for the inconvenience, “he concludes.

The scene combined several liters of blood, milk, and razors of all kinds

Terminator 2 It is a capital work within the special effects. Although she is remembered for the use of computer digital effects, Cameron did not want to abuse them. “We used CGI very sparingly. We had 14 takes on The Abyss and only 42 two years later in T2. There were probably 50 or 60 other takes that were practical and prosthetic effects performed by Stan Winston Studio, which today would have been made as digital effects “, concludes the director who, at the moment, is finishing the multiple sequels of Avatar, another revolution in digital infographics.