That’s why the crucial scene was added later

The series “Squid Game”, which is critical of capitalism, is a complete success worldwide.Bild: imago images / Netflix

Franziska Wohlfarth

The South Korean series “Squid Game” is the biggest Netflix hit of all time. The socially critical show has already attracted well over 100 million viewers worldwide since its release in October this year.

In an interview with the US magazine “Vulture”, the series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk spoke about his hit and also revealed which crucial scene was added later – and why.

The first version of the script was written back in 2008

Hwang Dong-hyuk reported that “Squid Game” was originally intended to be released as a film. The first version of the script, which he had already written in 2008, was significantly shorter and thematically focused more on the games. It was only after Netflix showed interest in the story in 2018 that he expanded the plot further. “The series left more space for the background stories of the individual characters and enabled a detailed exploration of their emotional world, the 50-year-old told “Vulture”

The expansion of the story to the series, not only enabled the author to have more complex characters – but also more. In the interview, Hwang Dong-hyuk reported that undercover police officer Joon-hon did not even exist in the original script. “The addition of this character made it possible to show the world of the worker and the game maker,” he said.

Choice scene was added later

But there is another important change that has completely changed the way Squid Game works. The screenwriter revealed: “I added the part where the participants choose to leave the game and then come back”. In the series, the players are shown a democracy in which they can leave the game at any time, provided that the majority votes for it. Back in the day-to-day life, however, the candidates are confronted with their money problems again and pushed back into the deadly games by the prospect of winning.

Hwang Dong-hyuk went on to explain that the change was important in order to demonstrate the negative consequences of capitalism to viewers: “In real life we ​​also have the chance every few years to choose and thus change the direction in which our society is developing, but often we find that another government is not making our lives better. The same goes for the people in Squid Game – they are trying to change their fortunes, but the truth is, not much is changing. ”


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