the allegations before the birthday party

Al Big Brother Vip a bitter birthday for Miriana Trevisan who, shortly before celebrating her forty-nine years, burst into tears because of Katia Ricciarelli e Sorgè Sun. The two roommates in fact threatened not to participate in the celebrations for the attitude held by Miriana towards Nicola Pisu.

Miriana Trevisan (Photo courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office)

GFVip, Mirian Trevisan bursts into tears

Miriana Trevisan celebrates its birthday in in the house of Big Brother Vip and blows out 49 candles, but shortly before the party in her honor she burst into tears in the garden because of the threat from Katia Ricciarelli e Sorgè Sun not to participate in the celebrations. The cause of the defection is the behavior that the former tissue showed towards Nicola Pisu: «It’s absurd stuff, look – he confided to some roommates in the garden talking about Ricciarelli – This one said that she doesn’t come on my birthday and that at midnight she goes to sleep because I made Nicola suffer».

Miriana Trevisan’s birthday party (Photo courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office)

The removal had started some time ago: «For two days – continued the ex tissue in tears – that I didn’t know why she wasn’t talking to me, but do you realize? When I was the only one I treated him like a man. I told him take responsibility, I don’t feel like it, I feel attraction but I don’t know if there is anything else. (…) They are killing me! “Because you’re 50,” they told me Katia e Soleil. When you weren’t there they treated me like that. They were truly cruel! I’m sorry that I haven’t celebrated a birthday for 5 years and I was so happy to spend it with all of them ». The roommates tried to console her, with Sophie codegoni who underlined the existence of the possibility of being attracted to a person without letting oneself be totally involved in feelings.

Last update: Sunday 7 November 2021, 15:00