The Alleged Mode of CPNS Recruitment Fraud, Nia Daniaty’s Child, Claims to be Close to Officials : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Olivia Nathania, daughter of Nia Daniaty, allegedly sold the names of officials to convince victims to be interested in participating in the recruitment of fake civil servant candidates (CPNS). This was revealed by one of the alleged victims, Agustin.

The woman who is also Olivia’s high school teacher said that her former student often showed off her closeness to a number of officials, and even admitted that there was a brotherly relationship.

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Denies committing fraud, Nia Daniaty’s child mentions his good name and tarnished family

“He said that he is still family with the Menpan RB that his cousin married his son from the Menpan RB,” Agustin said at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, Friday (1/10).

Olivia even admitted to knowing the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif. “He is also very close to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources,” said Agustin.

However, according to Agustin, Olivia only showed off her closeness by sending photos of the officials, as if she was with them. Not a direct portrait with these officials.

“There’s even a photo, but I don’t know if the photo was taken from Google. Wallahu al’am bishwab,” said Agustin.

“He’s just a photo, ‘Here’s another meeting with this,’ yes maybe that’s one way he convinces, “he continued.

As is known, Olivia Nathania and her husband Rafly N. Tilaar were accused of committing fraud under the guise of passing as civil servants in several places to 225 people so that they suffered a total loss of Rp. 9.7 billion.

After the victims paid, the two reported parties sent fake certificates (SK) related to the appointment of civil servants on behalf of the National Civil Service Agency (BKN).

The victims, accompanied by their attorney, Odie Hudiyanto, finally reported the two on September 23. The report is now recorded with the reporting number STTLP/B/4728/IX/2021/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA.