The Condition Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Share, And That Helped Them Get Rich

None of them really made their fortunes without some help from their families. Elon Musk, the American businessman founder of Tesla and SpaceX, holds the title of the richest person in the world. But he was already potentially wealthy: his father owned a profitable emerald mine and a wealthy real estate developer in South Africa.

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Your main competitor for the title of the greatest fortune, Jeff Bezos, received a grant of US $ 300,000 from his parents so that he could start his business and become the maker of Amazon.

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates in fact he was already rich before founding Microsoft. His parents had a modest fortune and connections to IBM, the company his son dethroned.

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For his part, the father of Warren Buffett he had been a highly successful investor and a four-time congressman.

In other words, all four of them already had assets that leveraged them, or business and political ties that paved the way for success. Of course, there is great merit in taking that “heritage” and putting it to work.

“These guys obviously played their cards well, but at first they were dealt a very strong hand and they were lucky when they played new cards, probably because the deck they were playing with was already stacked in their favor,” the INC publication remarked after the review.

“Look, entrepreneurship is great, but it is not a solution for poverty. Entrepreneurship is a way forward for those of us fortunate enough to have training that can provide the support to develop the skills and capital needed to start a business, “he said. And he questioned: “Are there some very poor people who have been successful and are even rich? Sure, but those examples are by definition exceptional ”.

In this context, he concludes with a reflection on the matter: “If you are a successful entrepreneur, be proud of your achievements, but do not turn your success into a club with which to hit the less fortunate. It is not a good look; It makes you look small and mean. And stop with the ‘do-it-yourself’ myth. It’s silly and you know it. “

The list of the 10 richest men in the world

  1. Elon Musk: u$s 362.000 millones
  2. Jeff Bezos: $ 192 billion
  3. Bernard Arnault: u $ s 167,000 millones
  4. Bill Gates: u$s 137.000 millones
  5. Larry Page: u$s 129.000 millones
  6. Sergey Brin: $ 125 billion
  7. Mark Zuckerberg: u$s 122.000 millones
  8. Steve Ballmer: u$s 119.000 millones
  9. Larry Ellison: $ 116 billion
  10. Warren Buffet: u$s 105.000 millones