The Controversy That Led To The Withdrawal From YouTube Of The Video Clip Of The Song “Perra” By JBalvin – BBC News Mundo

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The video clip for “Bitch” has unleashed a storm.

“I’m in heat, ‘I’m in heat, I open myself on all fours’, put a fan on me.”

These are some of the phrases of the controversial song “Perra” by the Colombian reggaeton artist JBalvin and the Dominican rapper Tokischa, whose video clip, described as “sexist” and “racist”, was removed from YouTube.

After its launch a few days ago, the subject unleashed a great controversy in Colombia. Even the vice president Martha Lucia Ramirez He called it “macho, sexist and misogynistic.”

After the complaints, not only by Ramírez but also from other politicians, journalists, artists and citizens, the official video was removed from YouTube.