The director of “Squid Game” lost six teeth during the filming of the series and is already thinking of a second season

The South Korean series has reached all audience records since its release. However, this success has a price for the director.

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A few days after the series began airing, Netflix recorded audience records. The suspense series climbed to the top of the standings, causing an unfortunate incident in passing. The series denounces inequalities and uses extreme violence to get its message across. In the nine-episode series, hundreds of people try to compete in the hope of winning a massive sum of money, 45.6 million won (33 million euros). It is usually people in need who enter this competition. What they learn very quickly, however, is that the losers die.

In an interview with CNN, the director of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk explains why this series is so successful, but also admits that it has caused him to lose no less than six teeth. For the director, the success of this series comes from the nature of the trials, generally children’s games reworked to make them deadly trials. ”
We have all played these simple, childish games at some point. Being an adult now, I wondered what it would be like to go back and play those childhood games again. It was the beginning of the creation of the whole series

»He explains to CNN. For Hwang Dong-hyuk, “Squid Game” brings up the competitive side of current society: ”
It’s a story of losers. Those who struggle with the hardships of everyday life and are left behind, while the winners keep earning more


He adds above all that the shooting was very trying to the point of losing his teeth: ”

Writing, producing and directing a series on my own was really a huge task (…) When I think about doing the same for season two, I personally am a little worried. There is nothing confirmed yet, but people are so excited that I am definitely considering a second season.