The Fight Between Marvel And Netflix

Shortly before the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, when everyone was still alive and no one imagined that one of the interpreters, Scarlett Johansson, would sue for US $ 50 million, which is what the star estimates lost from pocketing because Disney premiered Black Widow Simultaneously in theaters and on Disney +, the Russo brothers, the film’s directors, were already planning more projects with Marvel.

But when the two-Oscar nominee filed the lawsuit, Anthony and Joe Russo put the handbrake on a project they had to pursue at Marvel. So the actions of the Black Widow put the Russos on guard.

It is that the duo were in talks with the studio for a glorious return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the successful doublet of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. But the negotiations came to a standstill. The brothers wondered if what happened to Johansson would happen to them, and if the premiere model of their films with Marvel would be a hybrid: theaters and streaming.

Scarlett asked for US $ 50 million, which she claims she lost from winning with “Black Widow.” With Disney he reached an arrangement. Photo EFE

Basically, how they would be paid for the services rendered.

Now that Scarlett has reached an agreement with Disney, the terms of which have not been disclosed, there is speculation as to what the Russo projects were.

A solo Wolverine movie from the X-Men? Or would they tackle Secret Wars, a much more ambitious project, as it deals with how a cosmic entity, the Beyonder, kidnaps a large number of heroes and villains – imagine Avengers squared – and confronts them on the artificial planet Battleworld?

Joe and Anthony Russo set a scene for Scarlett Johansson in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Now she can help them. Disney Photo

But it is not that Anthony and Joe, who today enjoy much more weight in Hollywood than did other brothers, the Wachowskis, in the days of the first Matrix, do not have a job.

In March they premiered the crime drama Cherry, with Tom Holland (yes, the actor from Spider-Man), by Apple TV +, and they just finished The Gray Man, para… Netflix.

It is a spy movie, with a budget of over US $ 200 million, with his acquaintance Chris Evans (the “original” Captain America) and Ryan Gosling leading the cast.

And they are developing a new version of Thomas Crown Affair, which will now star an African-American (Michael B. Jordan, from Creed and Black Panther) and the new science fiction film by Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven in Stranger Things), The Electric State.

Plus? An adaptation of the anime series Battle of The Planets. They already hired Daniel Casey (the last of Fast and furious) for you to adapt.

The Russo + Netflix tandem

So to convince the Russo brothers, Marvel is going to have to think it through. Because the relationship between the duo, or their production company AGBO, and Netflix does not stop. The sequel to Rescue mission, with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is about to begin filming, as announced at the TUDUM event last week.

Chris Hemsworth, who worked with the Russos on the "Avengers", on "Rescue mission", from Netflix. The sequel is coming. Photo Clarín Archive

Chris Hemsworth, who worked with the Russos on the “Avengers,” on Netflix’s “Rescue Mission.” The sequel is coming. Photo Clarín Archive

But the association will continue. Regé-Jean Page, the interpreter of Bridgerton that he left the series after the successful first season (on Netflix) to seek new directions in the cinema, and that it will be The Saint who knew how to be Roger Moore, will also star in an as-yet untitled heist movie, produced by the Russos and featuring Noah Hawley (script writer). Legion and Fargo and from the series about Alien which will begin shortly) as the author of your original idea, screenwriter and director.

Regé-Jean Page left "Bridgerton" to focus on film ... and work with the Russo brothers. Netflix photo

Regé-Jean Page left “Bridgerton” to focus on film … and work with the Russo brothers. Netflix photo

So the Russos may well stay with Netflix if the deals that Marvel and Disney offer them do not finish closing them.

But, and there is always a but, Marvel at the time entrusted them with 350 million dollars to produce Avengers: Endgame, no 200.

Ok, the movie ended up grossing almost $ 2.8 billion.

It is a matter of numbers.