“The GFVip? I’ve already given”

Costantino Vitagliano and his new life: «My daughter changed me. GFVip? I’ve already given”. In connection with Francesco Fredella and Simone Palmieri on RTL102.5 News during the Trends & Celebrities radio and television program, the father of all the tronists told about his vision of TV.

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Born in 1974 Costantino Vitagliano, iconic tronist of Men and Women, was a guest of the radio show Trends & Celebrities on air on RTL 102.5 News. Magnetic eyes, sculpted physique and a few more wrinkles that do not detract from his charm, Vitagliano joked with the conductors talking about his past: “Even today they tell me that those moments have never relived them».

Some time ago there was also talk of him as a possible entrance to the GF VIP (in which he has already participated during the very first editions conducted by Ilary Blasi), Costantino does not respond directly but makes it clear that, at least for now, that is not his goal: “I like to go on, what I did was very nice, I enjoyed it now let’s look further».

Today Constantine has a daughter, Ayla, who, however, has decided not to show on social networks until she can decide: «It is really true that you become a father when they put your daughter in your arms. You have changed my priorities“. On future projects he is not unbalanced but that during the pandemic he received a proposal which however he declined: “They proposed to put cameras inside the house and I believe that someone is already doing it (on December 9th on Amazon Prime “The Ferragnez”, the series about Chiara Ferragni and Fedez ed.) On private platforms, but I I’ve already given».

Last updated: Thursday 2 December 2021, 20:41