The initiator of Cherrybelle Wants to Restore the Glory of Indonesian Girlband : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Girlbands and boybands in Indonesia had a boom in the SMASH and Cherrybelle eras. Now, the phenomenon is starting to fade. In fact, K-Pop girlbands and boybands are still massively regenerating and presenting new works.

With this foundation, the initiator of Cherrybelle, Teguh Sanjaya tried to restore the glory of girlbands in Indonesia. With the theme #WeCanBeWinner, she is looking for potential Indonesian girl group idols.

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“The pandemic does make us nowhere to go but don’t stop us from working. This WeCanBeWinner will be a place for those who want to work in the real world and have more fans than many followers but do nothing in the real world,” said Teguh Sanjaya .

“With the rapid development of social media, the younger generation only pursues popularity in the form of number of followers, this is dangerous. They should show their work and talent,” explained Teguh Sanjaya.

WeCanBeWinner is the biggest audition girl group in Indonesia which was formed by the creator of the number one girlband Cherrybelle in Indonesia in 2012 – 2015.

After 6 years have passed, #WeCanBeWinner is steadily starting its audition in 2021 with 2000+ female registrants aged between 18-23 years from all corners of Indonesia with the most participants from West Java and Central Java then the furthest participants from Sorong – Papua. And apparently the #WeCanBeWinner audition attracted the attention of participants from Malaysia, Singapore and even the United States.