The Kissing Booth 3 Was Released And Jacob Elordi Dedicated A Romantic Post To Joey King, Did Love Return?

Jacob Elordi

The third installment of the successful Netflix saga The Kissing Booth has already premiered and in the last hours Jacob Elordi, the protagonist of the film, dedicated a very special post to his partner Joey King, who was also his partner in real life four years ago.

The actors, who met during the filming of the first movie in 2017, initially connected although “There was no love at first sight”, According to what she told later, it was after spending long days on the set that they both realized that their story could transcend fiction.

The cover of The Kissing Stand
The cover of The Kissing Stand

“It’s a very interesting experience to meet your boyfriend on set because you spend a lot of time together and they become very close very quickly. We spent 17 hours a day together, and we all hung out after work to watch movies and so on. It was great, “she once said about the courtship. During that year they began to upload photos together and they all quickly gathered thousands of “likes” from their followers.

However, fans noted that towards the beginning of the following year, these posts ceased to be, implying that the couple had dissolved. Still companions on the set They got engaged and put their lives back together, she with Steven Piet and he with Kaia Gerber.

Joey King on the set of The Kissing Booth
Joey King on the set of The Kissing Booth

Even so, in the hours before the premiere of the closing of the saga, the protagonist dedicated a special post to whoever his partner was. “Tomorrow the last Stand of kisses comes out. I have seen and done things I never would have thought possible thanks to these movies and, most importantly, thank you all. I will always be indebted to all of you for your support and love during these years. To the wonderful cast and hardworking crew and beautiful South Africa, I thank you. Here are some memories of my time here. Always love, Jacob, ”she wrote.

Jacob Elordi's gratitude to the cast of The Kissing Booth
Jacob Elordi’s gratitude to the cast of The Kissing Booth

In the stories that follow, recalling moments from his work for Netflix, he went up a photo with Joey. The image that belongs to the first film is very special since the two are there looking into each other’s eyes, seconds before kissing. “One from the beginning. Thanks to all of you, “he wrote and added the emoji of a heart.

Jacob Elordi's thanks to Joey King
Jacob Elordi’s thanks to Joey King

Although things had ended well between them, it was not easy for the actress to share scenes with her ex, and she once described the situation: “Making the sacrifice of what everyone is obviously thinking: approaching it externally, being astute when it comes to doing it, making those sacrifices were worth it ”.

The second part of Kisses Stand became in 2020 one of the most successful Netflix premieres. According to the platform, more than 66 million users followed the love story of Elle Evans (Joey King) and Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi) and the same is expected of the last part of the story based on the books of Welsh author Beth Reekly.

To write the story, the writer worked closely with the streaming content company. She and the director, Vince Marcello, discussed together the future that will hold Elle Evans. “I am very excited and it was my fun writing it. I was able to work closely with Netflix for the third installment and while I can’t say anything about the synopsis (sorry) I’ll tell you it’s going to be totally awesome. I really hope you like it ”, he had advanced.


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