The Lupine and Squid Game effect: towards an end of the domination of English-language series on Netflix and Amazon? – News Series

The recent success of non-English series on streaming platforms could well give international productions their chances. English would no longer be the language of choice.

Emmanuel Guimier / Netflix

European Netflix and Prime Video subscribers could see their offer evolve by 2030 and see many more European productions being offered to them, according to the analysis company Digital i – specializing in SVOD measurement, analysis and advice – inform us Deadline.

The latest report from the firm raised concerns that “devaluation of American and British productions“if the trend continues at this rapid pace, it having more than doubled since 2019.

Using its streamer metering system called SoDA, Digital i found that viewers in major European territories were spending 22% of their time watching content in a language other than English in October 2021, up from 10% both. years ago.

Well Juhan | Netflix

During this same period, the percentage of productions in languages ​​other than English in the Netflix catalog increased from 25% to 31%. As for Prime Video, the percentage doubled to 16% over the period, while its catalog increased from 19% to 25% of non-English language content.

New European rules

October 2021 saw Squid Game dominate, but Lupine and somewhat older but nonetheless popular series like La Casa de papel and Dark were also reported to be behind the change. At this rate, again according to Digital i, 50% of European viewings of Netflix and Amazon will be on content in a language other than English by 2030.

Under new European Union rules, which came into force two years ago, streaming services must devote at least 30% of their catalogs to local productions.

Tamara Arranz/Netflix

As more and more major US studios roll out their streaming offerings around the world, it’s critical to understand the kind of content that attracts global audiences.“, can we read in the report.

And as viewers spend more time watching non-English language content, can we expect Hollywood and other English-speaking production powers to begin to lose their dominance in the global market?“As the streaming market is still relatively young, it can indeed still be significantly reshaped.