The Luxurious Mansion Of Inés Gómez Mont That Belonged To Cher (PHOTOS)

A new scandal invades the life of Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, the couple is currently being accused of their alleged responsibility in illicit operations such as money laundering and diversion of public resources, being responsible for a fraud of more than 3 million pesos, in addition the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) issued a red chip against you.

Celebrities are now singled out for purchasing one of the more luxurious mansions within Miami, Florida, this venue belonged to the famous singer Cher, who lived there for more than a decade. The accusations now indicate that these diversions of resources served the couple to acquire the property.

With an uncertain whereabouts, Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Manuel Álvarez Puga are being sought in more than 190 countries around the world in order to be extradited to Mexico so that they can respond to the accusations against them and be able to assume the legal consequences that correspond to his home, the maximum prison being the first instance indicated in the arrest warrant against him.

The luxurious mansion of Inés Gómez Mont that belonged to Cher

It was the Animal Político media who pointed out that the couple acquired the property with the help of a prestanombres in 2017, said property has a value of 15.5 million dollars and has 1,064 square meters where there is a large patio and a pool. deluxe.

Currently the property already has another owner as it was sold in 2020 at a price of approximately 17 million dollars, however in recent years the Gómez Mont family used the house as a way to escape from the CDMX where they were working on the famous.

Credits: Engel & Volkers

The three-story mansion has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, in addition to having a separate guest house, the property has a gym, pool, several green areas, an office and even a private bar for parties that take place within the home.

Credits: Engel & Volkers

Being one of the most luxurious residences within the city of Miami, this large mansion has been one of the most envied by celebrities as it has a privileged view and location, it has also witnessed large parties and events when it was owned by Cher .

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Credits: Engel & Volkers

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