“The man I want is out.” Bad news for Alex Belli, that’s who Carlo Domingo is

Despite the statement by Alex Belli al Big Brother Vip, Soleil Arises he clarifies that he only has a feeling of friendship towards the actor. For the Italian-American influencer, the only true love is outside the home. It would be Carlo Domingo, a Sicilian entrepreneur who has shown up in recent weeks by sending her planes.

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Soleil, the confession on Alex Belli

Soleil confided to Biagio D’Anelli not to be in love with Alex Belli. The columnist said he was worried about the love triangle with Delia Duran and the possible repercussions on his emotional state. The former suitor of Men and Women reassured him: “There’s not that kind of interest on my part in the slightest, the person I want is out of here. If he is the right person for me he will certainly be there because above also recognize my intent and my intentions ». Returning to Alex he adds: “I’m interested in respect for friendship and human relationships”.

Soleil, the confession on Alex Belli

For Soleil Alex does not have to make any choices because relationships are of a different nature: “We have a human relationship that goes further, it is not considered having to give up our friendship for marriage or marriage for our friendship … What I have with Alex, with him (the alleged boyfriend) is the same but it goes besides the complicity there is a feeling that it gives me that it has thrown down every fear and every block. With Alex I don’t have this thing … I think I have found in this person everything I need from a man ».

Soleil, who is Carlo Domingo

Soleil Sorge’s alleged boyfriend would be called Carlo Domingo, he would be Sicilian and would be the owner of an events agency. To reveal his identity was the weekly Chi in the Chicche of gossip: “Soleil in love. The competitor of the Big Brother Vip Soleil Rises outside the House has a true love that awaits her. His name is Carlo, Sicilian and owner of an events agency, who tells his closest friends every day how much he misses his girlfriend ».

Last updated: Wednesday 8 December 2021, 13:27