The Marvel Movie Steve Jobs Hated

Steve Jobs He had a reputation for not keeping quiet. Of always giving an opinion, if he had one, about his surroundings. The food, their cars, the architecture, competitive products and their own. As obnoxious as it sounds, the genius was most of the time right. From his perfectionist perspective, he had no choice but to comment on everything he did not like. And once it was a Marvel movie.

The victim of criticism from the founder of Apple was, specifically, Iron Man 2, who saw it when he took his son Reed, then nine years old, to the movies to see it. But they both disliked it so much that Steve Jobs decided to call the next day Bob Iger, CEO of Disney to let you know their views.

Jobs had the right to do so, too. After what Disney I buy Pixar, the manager was part of the board of directors, in addition to being friends. “The movie sucks,” he told her. Now we know about the exchange between the two executives from the book that Iger published: Lessons in creative leadership: My great adventure at the helm of the company that has turned magic into reality.

Iger explains: “It wasn’t a masterpiece, but I couldn’t let Steve think he’s always right.” He responded with box office figures for the first weekend of both films: 98.6 million from Iron Man and $ 128 million of Iron Man 2. And there the discussion was settled.

Iron Man 2, the movie that made the Marvel Cinematic Universe possible, despite Steve Jobs

And it is that, in spite of Steve Jobs, it was Iron Man 2, with all its deep imperfections, the film that made possible the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney had bought Marvel just a year ago, production had already started while acquisition discussions were being finalized.