The Meaning of Journey of A Soul from Widya Siregar: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Widya Siregar achieves his dream as a professional singer. After having a lot of trouble, this time Widya Siregar presented an album as a professional singer.

Playing in the pop and jazz genres, the Jakarta-born musician carries classical songs with romantic nuances in each of his works. Now, Widya Siregar unites a number of his singles by releasing his debut album ‘Journey of A Soul’.

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The journey of a person’s life is like a mystery. Every step, dreams and hopes, seemed full of secrets. However, when optimism is always on, the secret may be answered sooner or later.

Journey of a Soul is an album that tells many things about love, both ups and downs. Love for fellow human beings, love for what he believes in, to love for a beauty that appears in every stanza of his life story.

All of that was presented by Widya Siregar in a beautiful musical harmony in the 8 selected songs that he presented in this debut album.

“In creating art, as a creator, I want to be free to express and improvise. Journey of a Soul philosophically is a human being has a journey of life, which in reality there is sadness and there is joy. This album can be said to be a picture of life which in the real world consists of both sadness and joy,” said Widya.

The featured single on the album is a work entitled Dark Shadow, in which this Batak woman tries to pour out her heart by composing a song about the separation of lovers due to certain situations and conditions, so that it is impossible to be together again.

The departed lover did not return beautiful memories but his departure created a deep pain in the heart of the couple left behind, so that the departed lover is like a dark shadow (Dark Shadow), the shadow of memories that make deep sadness in the heart.

Then there is the song La Silueta, which is put forward by Widya Siregar in the everlasting classic pop nuance. Then there’s the song in Spanish lyrics, La Playa Fiesta. This song is packaged in a medium beat format and plays in a fun musical atmosphere. Also the Romantic Dinner song that flows beautifully in the vibe of a French fashion city. A number of other interesting songs are worth listening to such as Mirage, You, Mi Guapo Querido, and Le vin d’amour.

“I present the songs on this album in foreign languages, it doesn’t mean I don’t like Indonesian. I see the foreign languages ​​presented in this album as human existence created by God to live in a nation with various languages,” explained the singer who idolizes Julio Iglesias.

The album Journey of a Soul was designed by Widya Siregar with Jazz keyboardist, Fusion Stuff, Krishna Siregar as the music arranger. And in the process, a number of musicians took part in smoothing the composition of this 8-track album including Damez Nababan (brass section), Jeane Phialsa (drums), Kadek Rihardika (rhythm section), Michael Pentury (vocals) and Nobel Anakotta (vocals).

With the presence of the album Journey of a Soul, as a newcomer musician, Widya Siregar hopes that the music he presents can be the soundtrack to the lives of many music lovers everywhere.

“I hope that with the release of this album, the music repertoire in Indonesia will be more diverse with music of various nuances, languages, and rhythms, be it Latin, European, to western. Of course, I also hope that through this album, it can provide a point of view for all people in Indonesia regarding music with different nuances, languages, and rhythms than what the Indonesian people have often enjoyed,” he concluded.