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Before becoming an internationally famous movie actor, Dwayne Johnson began his career as a WWE professional wrestler. He is very reserved with his personal life; however, there is a part that he reveals as he is: his role as a father.

In total he has three daughters, but Tiana and Jasmine Johnson became protagonists of social networks. The actor shares the experience of raising two little girls, ages 3 and 5. Look at everything he does for them and how he shows his affection!

1.Celebrate your daughters’ accomplishments

It’s no surprise that Dwayne constantly encourages his little girls to play sports, and at least his 5-year-old daughter Jasmine already does, as she goes horse riding.

She recently had a competition and took first place, this made the actor congratulate her in the most tender way emphasizing that he is proud that she learns what discipline, respect, concentration and hard work are with a smile.

2.Not afraid of nail polish

Many parents are afraid of doing things that are wrongly labeled ‘for girls’ with their daughters, but in Dwayne’s case it is quite the opposite.

He loves to drink tea, play dolls, and is even an expert at fixing nails. Look how much he tries to make his daughter look divine, he is the best!

3.Give the best self-esteem lessons

The love and support of a father has been shown to be essential for girls, and Dwayne teaches them valuable lessons by frequently reminding them that they are amazing, beautiful, intelligent people and that they can do anything. Watch the video and melt with love!

4.He taught us that men can take over too

The former wrestler is one hundred percent committed to fatherhood and is involved in every stage of his daughters.

She is so skillful, that in fact she also knows how to do the things that any mother masters to perfection, such as: dressing them, preparing them for bedtime or combing them. It is an example that men are also capable of taking care of them!

5. Whenever he plays with his daughters

Playtime is vital for the healthy development of children and Dwayne Johnson is the ideal companion for those moments, because he always does what his daughters ask him to do.

In the video below, he shows how his daughter Tiana has fun adorning her face and “cleaning her muscles.” It proves that even the biggest and strongest men have their tender side!

6. makes her daughters favorite things

There is nothing that the actor would not do for his daughters and, as you can see, the three of them are very close. Even though your schedule is busy with filming, interviews, and red carpets, take part in activities whenever you can. They often watch movies together!

7.Fulfill their smallest and most innocent wishes

One of Dwayne’s most beautiful and sweet moments was when his youngest daughter became obsessed with Maui, the character in the film. Moana which was played by him in 2016.

Tiana loved the part where her father sings You’re Welcome and the request to sing it for the millionth was uploaded to social networks.

There is no question that Dwayne Johnson took home the best father award and sets the example for more men to get involved with their young daughters and not be afraid of being judged.

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