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Out of nowhere, Squid Game became the most successful Netflix series of all time. The story of socially dependent adults who gamble their lives in brutal versions of children’s games found audiences all over the world.

Strong opinion on Squid Game in the video

Squid Game: Hollywood can learn from this!


Various components make South Korean production one of the greatest pop culture phenomena in recent years. The simple one, but drastic social criticism is one of them. In an interview with Vulture Among other things, the creator Dong-hyuk Hwang gave insights into his grinding process. He developed and sharpened the story for 13 years. One of the best and most important ideas in the whole series came to him very late.

That scene was almost missing from Netflix’s Squid Game

What if Squid Game was out sooner? Well over a decade ago, when Hwang Dong-hyuk came up with the story for a film. Netflix, which has shown interest in the work since 2018, has given it more space. So he was able to examine the backgrounds of the characters.

It happens after a surprising twist in the early part of the story: Den Participants are given the option by the game management to leave the game and return to their old life. Whatever they do. But the confrontation with their dreary existence pushes them back to the game – and to the prospect of the profit that would make them rich. This whole part is new.

I added the part where participants vote to abandon the game and come back. As the story explores why they’re coming back, their personal backgrounds are revealed. […]

Why the election scene is so important to Squid Game

The creator about the effects of the element on the statics of the series:

A Majority voteThat suggests that a formal democratic process exists in the game was a big change.

Why is this such a big change? We get to know the private constraints of the players and the circumstances that drove them into their hopeless situation in the first place. This creates an uncomfortable tension, also for the audience: Ultimately, the participants deliver themselves up, voluntarily.

Whereby “voluntarily” is a perfidious description of this desperate weighing process, in which it is ultimately a matter of choosing between rain and eaves. Or rain and eaves + a little hope. This choice is an illusion.

Squid Game – S01 Trailer (Deutsch) HD


It is possible to cancel the game during the entire game if only enough participants vote for it. Dong-hyuk Hwang explains in more detail why the vote is so important to the story and social issues of Squid Game.

In reality we also get the chance every couple of years to change the direction of our society through an election. But we feel that the Changing the administration doesn’t make our lives better. The same goes for the people in Squid Game – they try to change their fate through a choice, but their reality doesn’t change. I wonder if modern democracy can really make our lives better.

The participants return to the game even though they know what to expect there, they have seen it with their own eyes. The whole bitterness and hopelessness of the capitalist systemic criticism of Squid Game only becomes clear through this trick. He definitely shouldn’t have been missing from the series.

How about Squid Game Season 2?

Dong-hyuk Hwang and Netflix are planning a second season, but nothing is official yet.

Podcast: Is Squid Game Dangerous for Society?

Squid Game is the most successful Netflix series ever. But the series phenomenon sometimes provokes extreme reactions. There are warning screams from daycare centers, schools and ministries of education that Squid Game could harm children.

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