The Movistar + Premieres In December 2021: All The New Series And Films

Dan Brown, who broke ticket offices a few years ago with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and its sequels, has brought to Peacock the youthful adventures of its protagonist, Robert Langdon, and Movistar + brings them to us in a miniseries. But It is not all that the platform has to say goodbye to the year. Between moviegoer concerts and deathmatch movies, these are your news for December.

Premiere series

Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol

Conspiracies that move the threads of power from the shadows, twisted murders and esoteric symbolism … and Robert Langdon, of course. The college professor Tom Hanks portrayed in the films ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘Inferno’ arrives in this Peacock series in a younger version played by Ashley Zuckerman. But the rest of the ingredients of Dan Brown’s novels remain, in a race to rescue Langdon’s mentor produced by Ron Howard, director of the three films.

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Mortal Kombat

Around here we are very fans of the 90s installments of ‘Mortal Kombat’, especially the one directed by Paul WS Anderson: the Makina Total of the slaps is, however, renewed and adapted to the new times with this fabulous new installment. Although less verbenera, it retains the trotting and adventurous spirit, dark and with cyberninjas of the hell of video games and its lore. Great choreographies, very appropriate aesthetics and mark by arrobas in a great adaptation that is already preparing a sequel.

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Documentaries and premiere events

Hans Zimmer in concert ‘

Hans Zimmer, author of more than 150 soundtracks and winner of the Oscar in 1995 for ‘The Lion King’, reveals all his greatest hits at this concert in Prague. ‘Gladiator’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the Dark Knight Trilogy, ‘Inception’ or ‘Interstellar’ are some of the pieces that take place in a spectacular live performance that is a must for fans of soundtracks.

All documentaries

  • ‘A life in ten photos’ (2/12)
  • ‘Gimme Danger’ (5/12)
  • ‘UFOs’ (5/12)
  • ‘The game of love’ (11/12)
  • ‘The secrets. Since we haven’t seen each other ‘(12/12)
  • ‘Melodic’ (12/15)
  • ‘Hans Zimmer in concert’ (12/17)
  • ‘20,000 days on Earth ‘(12/19)
  • ‘The Windsors: the princes and the press’ (23/12)
  • ‘Pablo Alboran. Vertigo 2021 ‘(12/24)
  • ‘Notes on Hitler’ (12/29)

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The Movistar + premieres in December 2021: all the new series and films