the mystery of the meeting with Queen Elizabeth

The principe Harry is already back in United States gives Meghan Markle, after attending the inauguration of the statue in honor of her mother Lady Diana on the day he would have turned 60. He would have just greeted the brother William making sure to stay in his company for a short time. Body language experts say he was very uncomfortable. The doubt remains about face to face with grandmother, the Queen Elizabeth.

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Meghan Markle, Harry escapes from London

Relations between the two brothers remain very tense, despite Kate Middleton tried to mediate. Marriage to Meghan Markle and the subsequent Megxit drove them away. The background reported by the royal experts speak of furious arguments over the phone and the interview with Oprah Winfrey with the accusations of racism brought to the Royal family they complicated the situation.

Meghan Markle, Harry escapes from London

Harry has returned to England twice since then: for his grandfather Philip’s funeral and for the bronze statue dedicated to his mother. Between the two events he became father for the second time to a little girl to whom they gave the discussed name of Lilibet Diana. With a baby girl in the house Harry preferred a hit and run. He was only in London for a week, including 5 days of quarantine. On the day of the ceremony he arrived just 20 minutes early and has already returned to his wife Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lilibet Diana.

Meghan Markle, Harry escapes from London

No reconciliation with William on the occasion of the unveiling of the monument, but there is a suspicion that he met his grandmother at the cottage. Buckingham Palace, however, has not confirmed. With William, on the other hand, he would have spoken for just 10 minutes. Behind the smiles of circumstance so much resentment.

Last updated: Monday 5 July 2021, 13:26