the photo reveals the truth

One mid-August unusual for the presenter of Temptation Island who, instead of the classic family lunch, sea and fun, has chosen to spend the day under the scorching sun of an Autogrill stop station and with a salami sandwich, far from everyone. Filippo Bisciglia, ironically, ha shared on his account Instagram stories with the hashtags #benzinaio #paninocolsalame to show followers his day.

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From now on 10 years at the helm of one of the most loved and followed reality shows by Canale 5 television audience, Temptation Island, Bisciglia is not only a good intermediary between boyfriends, but also known for his subtle irony. Which was not lacking on this hot summer day. While on social images and videos of VIPs by the sea raged in front of tables laden with every delicacy, he did not want to be outdone.

First he wished the good August to everyone, revealing that he too is at the sea in front of a plate of spaghetti with clams. Shortly thereafter he revealed the truth: he was in the parking station of an Autogrill while eating a salami sandwich.

l host of Temptation Island and his comrade Pamela Camassa they spent some days of well-deserved relaxation in Puglia, from where they returned to return to work. On Saturday 7th August the protagonist couples of Temptation Island met for the wedding of Claudia Venturini and Stefano Socionovo, but Bisciglia and Camassa did not participate because they should have left for the holidays on the same day.

Last updated: Monday 16 August 2021, 13:45