The reason Haru Ria Ricis didn’t sell her old house after getting married : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The famous YouTuber, Ria Ricis, plans to live with her future husband in a new house. He said he would not sell his old house.

“After getting married, Ricis joined my brother, of course, in his new home, brother TR (Teuku Ryan) not far from Ricis’s house. Still going home to work as usual, but going back to Ryan’s brother’s house,” said Ria Ricis to MNC Portal, Friday ( 5/11/2021).

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“Anyway, wherever you go, Ryan’s brother, Saturday and Sunday stay at Kebagusan’s house to play with the children,” he added.

It is said that the preparation of his new home is almost complete. He said, now Teuku Ryan is furnishing his house in the future. The youngest sister of Oki Setiana Dewi also believes that in the near future her new house will be ready for occupancy.

“So far, Ryan’s brother has prepared more or less, God willing, after the event, hopefully everything will be fulfilled,” he said again.

Then, the public was curious about the fate of his old house in Kebagusan, South Jakarta. Reportedly, the house will be handed over to his beloved mother.

Not kidding, Ria Ricis also admitted that she would hand over the house and its contents. In fact, the owner of the real name Ria Yunita admitted that she was willing to fight from 0 with her future husband after officially getting married.

“No, because everything Ricis has, a house and everything else, Ricis will give to her mother, so Ricis is from 0 again, Ricis has nothing else,” he concluded.