The Reason Melisa Hart Chooses The Song No Longer Missing As The First Single : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Melisa Hart, who graduated from the latest Indonesian Idol season, has finally released her first single as a professional musician. With the title No Longer Longing, apparently there is a simple reason why Melisa chose this song as the opening of her career.

Talking through the Okezone Stories segment which was held via Instagram Live on Okezone’s official account, Melisa revealed that from the start she really wanted to carry the pop ballad genre in her first single. The reason is, Melisa feels comfortable singing songs with this genre, and this genre is now attached to her figure.

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“I wanted the first single to carry the pop ballad genre, but because there are so many kinds, we were given a lot of demos,” he said, “and finally stuck to this one song.”

Choosing the song Tak Lagi Rindu from the list of songs provided by HITS Records, Melisa admitted that she had a simple reason: the melody sounded sweet and suited her character.

“Love the melody, sweet. The lyrics are also very relatable to many people,” he continued.

With the heartbreaking lyrics about a woman whose heart is played and disappointed, there is certainly a question that pops into the minds of the listeners as the song bounces beautifully; has Melissa ever felt the same way?

Answering this question, Melisa chose to average everyone’s experience in relationships. For Melisa, “everyone must have been disappointed,” be it by lovers, family, or even closest friends.

Composed by Tintin, Indah Anastasya, and Aldi Fachrobby, Melisa also revealed that this song was produced in a fairly short time of one month. This is certainly a contrast to the time he spent in choosing songs from the demo line that he got.

After going through the production process, Melisa and the team immediately shot a music video which was completed in two days. Not long after, this song and its music video were finally released on October 8 through the HITS Records YouTube channel and have now received 950 thousand views.