The reason Nia Ramadhani uses methamphetamine, falls to the point of being influenced by fellow artists: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie again undergo a drug abuse case trial at the Central Jakarta District Court, Thursday (16/12/2021). On that occasion, the actress revealed her reason for using methamphetamine.

It all started when he felt down after his father died. He felt there was no place to complain about his sad feelings.

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“In early 2014, my father died, since then I met him three years later, since then I have not been able to tell anyone,” Nia said before the panel of judges.

According to Nia, when she shared her sadness, other people thought she shouldn’t be sad. The reason is, he is considered to have a perfect life with a happy family and an established economy.

“I told my friend, I was sad and down. My friend said, ‘Nia shouldn’t be sad,'” he said.

At that point, Nia remembers her fellow artist’s words from a dozen years ago about a substance that can overcome feelings of sadness. Indeed, at that time, many social interactions used narcotics.

“At the time of the breakdown, I remembered my friend’s words, he said, if we use it from tired we can become strong, if we are sad we can be happy,” said the mother of three.

“My association in 2006 when I was filming a soap opera was wearing something like that,” he continued.

Finally, Nia took the initiative to ask the driver, Zen Vivanto, to look for methamphetamine, and started consuming it in April 2021. Not long after using the illicit item, the actress was immediately caught by the police.

As is known, Nia was arrested by the Central Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Investigation Unit at her home in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, on 7 July. During the arrest, evidence was found of one clip of methamphetamine weighing 0.78 grams and one bong.

The Central Jakarta Metro Police then named three suspects in this case, namely Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakri, and Zein Vivanto, Nia’s driver, who was in charge of buying methamphetamine. The three were charged with Article 127 of the Narcotics Law with a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison.