The Revelations Of The New Documentary About Amy Winehouse 10 Years After Her Death – BBC News World


The documentary “Claiming Amy” seeks to show another side of the talented but troubled British singer-songwriter.

This Friday is the 10th anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse, the iconic and rebellious British singer-songwriter who could not overcome her dependence on drugs and alcohol, to which she succumbed at the age of 27.

To coincide with the anniversary, Janis Winehouse-Collins, Amy’s mother, has narrated a new documentary about the life of the musical star. This includes unpublished images and interviews with his closest friends and family.

The artist’s parents, Mitch and Janis, caught up with BBC music reporter Mark Savage at one of the London clubs where Amy performed, to discuss how they seek to regain their daughter’s image.

The documentary is called Reclaiming Amy (“Claiming Amy”) and its producers seek to show different aspects of the brilliant but troubled singer, as well as her parents, after the “bilious” and “acid” treatment they received in the press in the moments of crisis of Amy Winehouse.