The sci-fi thriller “The Silent Sea” is now running on Netflix

Netflix wants to break records even after “Squid Game”. And the next South Korean series called “The Silent Sea” could help the streaming service.

In the Netflix mega-hit “Squid Game” he only had a tiny, but not unimportant role. Zombie fans must have frowned at the sight of him. Yes, you already know Gong Yoo from another huge hit: the South Korean zombie film “Train to Busan”. There he plays a father who has to fend off unwanted guests in the form of zombies on a train ride.

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The danger in the upcoming sci-fi series “The Silent Sea”, on the other hand, is of a subtle nature, as the just published insight into the South Korean work suggests:

The Silent Sea – Trailer 1 Deutsch

Before that, a first teaser made you want more:

The Silent Sea – Teaser-Trailer Koreanisch (OmeU)

The teaser trailer is one thing above all else: unsettling. What danger is hidden in the darkness of the lunar base? Does the mysterious death of the crew have to do with the rehearsal? And is humanity in danger, should the test make it to earth?

“The Silent Sea”: What danger is hidden behind the mission?

In “The Silent Sea” humanity is on the verge of extinction in 2075. The resources of the earth, which largely consists only of deserts, have been exhausted, and water has become an immensely valuable commodity. During this difficult time, a group of astronauts, including Gong Yoo and Bae Doona (“Kingdom”), is sent on a top secret mission to the moon. At the abandoned moon base of Balhae, they have to secure an important sample and bring it back to earth. This is said to be the key to the survival of all life on earth. But something is wrong on the ward. It quickly becomes clear that the astronauts’ chance of survival is only ten percent.

The eight episodes of the sci-fi mystery series “The Silent Sea” were directed by Choi Hang-yong based on his own short film “The Sea of ​​Tranquility” from 2014. The series has been on Netflix since December 24, 2021 provided. So boredom should definitely not arise on the holidays.

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