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Direction the Moon with “The Silent Sea”. This new South Korean sci-fi series lands on Netflix on December 24 and is already talking about it. Check out his trailer.


A mission with a 10% chance of survival.”The first images of The Silent Sea, the new South Korean series from Netflix, are intriguing. The trailer shows little, but enough to arouse the interest of science fiction enthusiasts and recall the beginnings of Alien. Composed of 8 episodes, this fiction directed by Choi Hang-yong, is the adaptation of a short film released in 2014, The Sea of Tranquility.

The story is set in a futuristic world in which members of a special team travel to the Moon to investigate an abandoned base. What does he really know past? Where is the now missing team? It’s all the mystery that hides The Silent Sea whose visual ambition already promises a beautiful spectacle.

On screen, some will have recognized Gong Yoo, already appeared in Last Train to Busan and more recently in Netflix’s event series, Squid Game. He embodies the strange recruiter who appears especially at the beginning of the series. In The Silent Sea, the actor plays the first role, that of the leader of this expedition which is going to turn badly. At his side, we find Heo Sung-Tae, another actor of Squid Game – he plays the antagonist. But also Doona Bae (Sense8) and Joon Lee (My Father Is Strange).

The teaser :

Take off scheduled for December 24 on Netflix.