The Sopranos: James Gandolfini’s Son Broke The Silence

The golden age of television began with Les Sopranos, at the end of the 90s, and this lasted practically until the end of Breaking Bad. The New Jersey gangster family series has become a television icon and example of this HBO can do in terms of fiction. Almost fifteen years after its end, Photos by Warner Bros. a movie will be released that will serve as a prequel.

The Many Saints of Newark (Mafia saints), will be the star Michel Gandolfini, the son of Jacques Gandolfini, the actor who gave life to Antoine Soprano, who sadly lost his life in 2013. When he was announced as part of the cast, he will have Alessandro Nivola (Jurassic Park III) as a co-star, the resemblance to her father was quickly brought to light.

This week, in an interview with Empire, Michel Gandolfini He spoke about what it meant to him that David hunting chose it to bring to life a younger version of Antoine Soprano. “It was probably the most difficult decision I had to make”, assured the actor and declared that he did not want ” Hurry “ so you tried “Be the best actor possible, playing Tony What David wanted to “.

The resemblance between Michael and his father is disturbing. (Getty)

In this context, he spoke of the pain of having to remember his father, who died almost a decade ago, with the character who made him a symbol of the golden age of television. “I didn’t think about my pain, because… well, I would have messed up the bed.he said laughing Michel Gandolfini. Additionally, he pointed out that his version of the character will be the opposite of what he played. Jacques Gandolfini: “The character of my father had this beautiful sensitivity under his aggressiveness. This version is the other way around, your curiosity and your sensitivity come first ”.

The Sopranos, an ending that still provokes debate

Beyond being considered one of the masterpieces of television, Les Sopranos he could not avoid the debate into which fictions fall, the ends of which are questioned by his own and by strangers. Without going into too many details that may hurt the sensibilities of those who are still watching it or haven’t started it, many have struggled to digest that the show ends with a simple fade to black.

At BoJack Cavalier they managed to explain why the end was so abrupt. From the series created by Raphaël Bob-Waksberg, Todd He was in a relationship for a while with the daughter of the publisher who had in her possession the only copy of the soundtrack. When he escaped, he used said tape to descend a balcony through which he ended up falling and cutting the original version. Depending on the version of BoJack Cavalier, the real end was with Tony married with Dr Melfi.

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