The Squid Game, parodied on Genshin Impact by a talented artist from the community

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The Squid Game, parodied on Genshin Impact by a talented artist from the community



The popularity of Squid Game is still in good shape. The series continues to inspire players from all walks of life. Artist Genshashin recently produced a very faithful reproduction of the famous “1,2,3 sun” scene, using all of the characters from Mihoyo’s game.

It’s hard to miss the Squid Game wave when you open your social networks. And the craze for the series has also touched the Genshin Impact community, which has rushed in recent days to make many memes about the infamous deadly game. An artist from the community, Genshashin, went even further, creating a parody montage of almost two minutes, and featuring characters from Mihoyo’s game, participating in the now famous “1,2,3 soleil” of the Squid Game.

We can only bow to such a realization. In addition to being very beautiful, the parody brilliantly employs the voice lines japanese by Genshin Impact. Admittedly the Squid Game is Korean, but the effect produced remains very nice. All Genshin Impact characters are present (except Aloy), and some of them end up being summarily eliminated. This is indeed what happens when you dare to produce emotes and idle animations when playing green light, red light. It’s a deadly game, we tell you!

Crossing the finish line is done with great dash and skill animations. Genshashin succeeds here a master stroke, already viewed more than a million times on Twitter and YouTube.

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