The story of Reza Zakarya Become a TKI in Saudi Arabia, Once Held and Tortured : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Reza Zakarya claimed to have been Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) in Saudi Arabia. This was done by him because of economic difficulties and wanted to help the family finances as the first child.

Nevertheless, Reza Zakarya admitted that he had experienced unpleasant things while working in another country. He was even tortured and held captive by his employer.

This was revealed by him when he was a guest star in an event hosted by Dewi Perssik, King Nazarar, Caren Delano and Rian Ibrahim. “Reza, it’s been reported that you had an unpleasant experience while you were working in Saudi Arabia?” Rian Ibrahim asked Reza Zakarya, Friday (17/12/2021).


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“It’s true, I was held captive, tortured until I was not given food,” said Reza Zakarya.

Reza also revealed that at first he was promised to be a cashier when he got a job as a migrant worker. But when he got there, he was instead employed as a washerwoman.

“My job requires dealing with chemicals without wearing gloves. I chose not to, in the end, I was imprisoned and even tortured,” he said.

Reza admitted that torture often happened to him, even the man of Arab blood had to accept the fate of not being fed by his employer. “I always ask my parents, I say I’m fine because I don’t want to make my parents think,” he said.

“All my rights were taken away, my passport, visa, then my money and bag were confiscated. I could leave as long as I had to pay Rp21 million, because I couldn’t hold back my hunger so I ran away from that place,” he said.

Reza Zakarya admitted that he managed to escape from work and settled in a Moroccan restaurant. What’s more, he still saves 9 reals.

“I ran away to a Moroccan restaurant because at that time I was hungry and I couldn’t stand it. Alhamdullilah, the owner of the restaurant accepted me, including feeding me, until finally my parents informed me that I could go home because I had already redeemed IDR 21 million,” he concluded.