The Story of Roro Fitria Failing to Live Taaruf : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Roro Fitria is back in front of the camera after a long absence, after the death of her mother. He was still serving time in prison for a drug case.

Present at one of the talk shows accompanied by Dewi Persik and Nazar as hosts. Roro tells the story of his failed love. However, the 31-year-old woman did not want to reveal the reason for her separation after undergoing taaruf with the man who almost became her husband.

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“Yes (taaruf), yes, yes (separated),” said Roro Fitria on a private television station YouTube quoted on Monday (11/29/2021)

“Because of one other thing that I can’t convey here, so we decided to take a break and focus on each other’s lives.” clear

In connection with the end of Roro Fitria’s love relationship, she said she had known the man for about a year. Where the man did not come from the entertainment world of the country.

“A year, yes, people here, outside are not artists,” said the woman who is familiarly called Roro

Furthermore, this woman who likes DJs doesn’t regret the past, so she wants to focus on becoming a better person. After the departure of her mother, Fitria Roro wanted to improve herself to be even better.

Unsuccessful in performing ta’aruf, Roro Fitria admitted that she was not ashamed of the failure. Instead, he is grateful because he feels God loves him by keeping away from the wrong partner.

“And I wanted to straighten out his statement earlier. I’m not ashamed, it means God loves me,” he said.