“The Street Of Terror (Part 2) 1978”: Explanation Of The End Of “Fear Street 2”

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. “The Street of Terror (Part 2): 1978” is the sequel to “Fear Street (Parte 1): 1994”, An American horror film directed by Leigh Janiak and based on the eponymous book series by RL Stine. Both films are available at Netflix.

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The end of “The street of terror (Part 1): 1994” Sam (Olivia Welch) was seen possessed by the witch Sarah Fier. Shortly before that, Deena had been contacted by C. Berman (Gillian Jacobs), the sole survivor of the 1978 Camp Nightwing massacre, and warns her that the events will never end, even though she survived.

The sequel begins with Deena and her brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr) visiting C. Berman for more information. She tells them everything that happened that year and that is how her story covers most of “Fear Street Part 2: 1978” before it ends in another suspense to pass the end of the trilogy that will be released on July 16.

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The main protagonists of “The street of terror (Part 2): 1978” are Cindy Berman (Emily Rudd), her sister Ziggy (Sadie Sink), Cindy’s boyfriend, Tommy (McCabe Slye) and Alice (Ryan Simpkins).


The plot begins when Tommy is attacked by nurse Mary Lane (Jordana Spiro) who tells him that one way or another he was going to die that night after seeing his name “on the wall.” The nurse was the mother of the murderer Ruby Lane (Jordyn DiNatale), she was investigating why her daughter had become one of the Shadyside killers.

Tommy manages to defend himself from Lane and knocks her to the ground leaving her unconscious, who is taken to the hospital. However, Cindy wants to find out why Tommy was attacked so he enters the infirmary to read the lady’s journal, discovering that she was investigating the curse of Sarah Fier.

Young people discover that Sarah Fier cut her hand on Satan’s stone, in exchange for eternal life, but this would bring darkness to earth. However, the curse would end when hand and body unite.

(Foto: Netflix)
(Foto: Netflix)

It turns out that the nurse was looking for her hand in the forest, she came to find the supposed witch’s house and there it was the wall with the names of the Shadyside killers. Tommy’s name was on there and it wasn’t long before they got it.

Cindy and Alice manage to escape, but are trapped under the witch’s house, while Tommy heads to the camp and begins his slaughter. Ziggy and Nick Goode (the future sheriff) try to protect the other campers.

On the other hand, Cindy and Alice try to return to the surface to find Ziggy, but Alice broke her ankle during the original confrontation with Tommy, so she tells Cindy to leave her behind and go find her sister. Alice finds the witch’s hand. Nick is attacked and injured by Tommy, but it does not die.

Cindy meets Ziggy in the camp dining room., arrives in time to stab Tommy and save her. Alice appears with Sarah Fier’s hand and Ziggy accidentally bleeds all over her. The girls make a plan to reposition their hand with Sarah Fier’s body which, according to legend, is on the hanging tree in the camp. However, before they leave, Tommy wakes up and kills Alice.

Cindy Berman (Emily Rudd) y su hermana Ziggy (Sadie Sink) (Foto: Netflix)
Cindy Berman (Emily Rudd) y su hermana Ziggy (Sadie Sink) (Foto: Netflix)

Cindy and Ziggy arrive at the hanging tree, but find no body, only a sign that says “the witch lives forever.” The killers arrive and the two sisters are brutally attacked and apparently left for dead. But in that Nick appears and performs the resuscitation technique on Ziggy and manages to survive.

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Like what happened in 1994, no one believed Ziggy and Nick lied that Tommy just “went crazy.” This caused Ziggy to walk away from everyone and think that the witch cannot be stopped, but Deena thinks otherwise, as she knows exactly where Sarah Fier’s body is.

Deena and Josh find the hand still buried in the dirt and they go to the forest to bury it with the body. When Deena puts her hand back to the body, flashes of the witch appear and she sees herself in 1666 in the body of Sarah Fier.

The latest installment of “Fear Street” will bring back all the main cast members, but since it’s set in 1666, some won’t be playing the exact same characters. Finally it will be possible to know what happened and why the curse began.