The Teletubbies Got Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Fotos: Twitter/@TeletubbiesHQ

The tender and famous protagonists of the television show Teletubbies They shared on their social networks that were vaccinated against SARS-COV-2. Through four photographs, the children’s characters showed off your “Tubbycard”, a document similar to the certificates that some nations are issuing where they demonstrated that they received the two doses of the inoculation.

We are all vaccinated! Just in time for a hot summer Tubby Who’s ready to go out and play? ”The cute plush characters celebrated.

In the images that became viral and trending on Twitter, it could be seen that Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa y Po They held up their vaccination card where it was read that they received the doses last June.

They were vaccinated in June (Photo. Screenshot from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).
They were vaccinated in June (Photo. Screenshot from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).

One of the things that attracted the most attention was the name of the vaccines, because Tinky and Laa-Laa received the formula from the laboratory “Noo-nson” (Johnson & Johnson parody), while Dipsy and Po were given the “AstraTubbica” (AstraZeneca). The four friends came to the dome clinic, which is located within your city Teletubbilandia.

“The Teletubbies got vaccinated. 2 with Astra and 2 with Johnson. Do you see people? The Teletubbies didn’t wait for Pfizer“Said an Internet user.

Apparently with the curious names they generated a fashion, because they are already asking some people to apply the same formula: “If they don’t give me the astratubbica, I don’t want any vaccine.”

The first dose was received on the 1st and the second on June 22 (Photo: taken from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).
The first dose was received on the 1st and the second on June 22 (Photo: taken from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).

Another of the doubts that grew and generated debate on the internet was the age that appears on the certificate, since the document indicated that lThe characters were born on February 20, 2003; that is, they would currently be 18 years old.

“Hopefully when I get vaccinated I will touch the AstraTubbica, but EXPLAIN ME How is it possible that the Teletubbies are LESS than me? I can no longer cope with this old age, ”wrote one user. “How are the Teletubbies from 2003 ??” or “How is it that I am the same age as the Teletubbies?”, were the questions that were repeated the most.

Knowing the age of the Teletubbies caused surprise, because some Internet users did not conceive that the protagonists of a children’s program are younger than them if they saw the show when they were infants. However, the answer to age is that in 2004 the BBC, owner of the rights, decided to change the show, reissue the first chapters, implying that the story started in 2003 and not in 1997.

Apparently, all four were vaccinated at the same time (Photo: taken from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).
Apparently, all four were vaccinated at the same time (Photo: taken from Twitter @TeletubbiesHQ).

The hit TV show

The Teletubbies was an original television show on the British network BBC, the content of the broadcast was aimed at babies and children. The first broadcast was on March 31, 1997 and ended in 2001; however, the project was resumed in 2015, until now it is still in effect on UK television.

The show had worldwide success due to the empathy that the characters generated, since they have the appearance of large plush dolls with rounded shapes, big ears, an antenna on their heads and they live in an underground house in the middle of a huge garden.

Despite having won a BAFTA in 1998, a year later the program was involved in trouble because some conservative groups considered that within history it was “They encouraged homosexual discourses.” The complaint reached the European Commission, but the request was rejected because they did not find elements to proceed legally.

Said complaints continued until 2007, but it was until that year that the creators released a statement and clarified the situation: “just because (Tinky Winky) is carrying a magic bag doesn’t make him gay. It is a show for children. It is extravagant to think that we are spreading some sexual aspect ”.


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