“The tumor is gone. Now I want to become a mother “

A Italian stories, in a special episode dedicated to Telethon, he intervenes Carolina Marconi, who recently finished chemotherapy for breast cancer discovered a few months ago. The former gieffina communicates to everyone live about be healed and tells what his path has been, also thinking about the future.

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“I have been surrounded by so much love and this is important for a sick person because it distracts you.” Then live announces: «I had the mammogram a few days ago and everything is clean, there is nothing. I remember that exam with anxiety, I asked every minute if the doctor saw anything but in the end the doctor told me that everything was ok and I took a sigh of relief ».

Eleonora, however, also remembers the attacks she had on the web after she told about the tumor: “She had decided to tell the disease on social media and share this path but some people have poured out a lot of hatred on her”. But Carolina is keen to point out that the people who have poured out hatred on her are few and that she has received a lot of solidarity. He addresses a message to them: “I’m sorry you are so angry, let yourself go to love.”

Carolina then spoke about her future projects and first of all there is that of motherhood. He explained that for the next 5 years he will be taking a hormone treatment to try to have a child. The doctor who is taking care of her, in the office with her, explains that it is at a time when she can face pregnancy: “I hope to be able to see you soon with the belly”. Then he goes into detail: “We have the oocytes preserved, we will use them when it is more stable, this gives us great hope”. Carolina is happy with the path she is facing but reiterates: “I hope I have a baby bump, but if it doesn’t exist there are many children in need and I can’t wait to welcome them into my house”.

Last updated: Friday 17 December 2021, 13:23