The Voice Senior, Alvaro Vitali’s wife rejected by the judges. And the actor reacts like this

Raid a surprise to The Voice Senior. In the episode of Friday 17 December, he presented himself on the stage of the RaiUno talent Alvaro Vitali, in art ‘Pierino‘. His presence was aimed at accompanying the wife 62enne Stefania Corona. His exhibition with the song I’m Outta Love of Anastacia, had a negative outcome: the judges Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, Clementino and Orietta Berti rejected the donna. «I am a singer-songwriter and many evenings»Explained the Corona after the performance, discussing with the coaches. Then Antonella Clerici called the husband, Alvaro Vitali, who used the weapon of irony towards judges: “Who do I have to hang out with now?” With all four? ” joked the actor.

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“Clementino, I could see you dancing, and turn around!” Alvaro told the rapper. Gigi D’Alessio has downloaded the barrel on Clementino himself: “I thought he was turning around.” “It wasn’t my thing,” Orietta Berti replied. Loredana Bertè limited herself to making gods compliments to Stefania, even though she didn’t turn around either. When the Corona left the stage, Orietta and Gigi let themselves go to one last exchange of words. Berti: «How ugly don’t turn around However”. “I would like to sink», Gigi’s reply.

Even the home crowd did not find it good performance by Stefania. Many users who have flocked to Twitter pointing out that his English it was very out of focus and not satisfying for such a stage. Furthermore, there are those who have claimed that it has risky too much to bring a piece by Anastacia, an artist very complicated to interpret vocally. In short, for Alvaro Vitali’s wife more than something has gone crooked: zero votes from coaches and criticism from viewers.

Last updated: Saturday 18 December 2021, 12:12