The Witcher stronger than Squid Game? The first numbers have fallen!

News culture The Witcher stronger than Squid Game? The first numbers have fallen!

Two years after the release of its first season, The Witcher returns to our screens with the continuation of the adventures of Geralt by Henry Cavill. A second part eagerly awaited and followed a lot, evidenced by the first figures shared by Netflix.


  • The Witcher: season 2 and season 1 reign supreme
  • The Witcher VS Squid Game, qui gagne ?

The Witcher: season 2 and season 1 reign supreme

At the start of the week, Netflix shared the ranking of the most viewed series at the start of the week and is convinced that the platform has changed the way it measures the success of its series: the platform now ranks series by the number of hours viewed by users. And at the end of this 51st week of 2021, it is obviously season 2 of The Witcher which has the most sessions. : 142.4 million hours were consumed, for a total of 5.9 million days and therefore 16,210 years.

Another witness to this success is its ranking by country. The second season of The Witcher achieved a top 10 in 93 countries, including 61 top 1. Number 1 in Brazil, the United States, Canada and 31 countries in Europe. It was only in Spain that the series entered the top 10 without recovering first place.

Note: the presence of season 1 of The Witcher in second position, with 49.1 million hours spent on the series, more than Arcane at its launch. A return to the top already orchestrated since the previous week since the first season of The Witcher was ranked sixth, with 14 million hours watched.

The Witcher VS Squid Game, qui gagne ?

History to spice things up and to take a step back on its amazing figures, it is necessary to take the bomb of the back to school Squid Game as an element of comparison. When launched, the South Korean series did less well than its British counterpart: “only” 63.1 million hours were watched, or 44% of the total for season 2 of The Witcher. But it is after that the counters panic for Squid Game : the following five weeks, they recorded respectively 448.7 million; 571.7 million; 412.9 million; 258.8 million and 147.5 million hours of streaming on the platform.

Figures probably very hard to fetch for the series The Witcher, especially since the adaptation is already in its second season. Let’s see the glass half-full: though the series will probably never do as well as Squid Game, we already know that the first two seasons were hard enough for a third to emerge. In addition, a prequel named Blood Origin is scheduled for 2022 (whose trailer was released recently) while the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of The Witcher 3 are expected, for the moment, in the second half of 2022. We have not finished hearing about Geralt.

Source : Netflix

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