“Their story is all a hoax”

Patrizia Pellegrino unmasks the most talked about couple of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. The special relationship between Alex Belli e Soleil Rises that would be all a mount. To say it is the former gieffina who, in a live on Instagram with Clarissa Selassié e Subject Stephens, he wanted to tell a truly unexpected scenario that could infuriate the spectators.

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After the exceptional episode on Friday 7 January, in which the Alfonso Signorini wanted to bring the Vippos back to order, tonight (Monday 10 January) another episode of the reality show will be broadcast and certainly the bomb dropped by Patrizia Pellegrino will be matter of discussion.

According to the words of the former tenant of the most spied house in Italy, the actor and the influencer would be made an agreement to move forward in the program together.

«One evening, she and Alex started talking and he told me ‘sincerely Patrizia shouldn’t have come in attacking us like this. Because we would have explained to you that this whole affair of ours is a bit whipped up for transmission ‘. So they told me plainly that there was among them a report for the program»Said Pellegrino, thus unmasking Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge.

“To make it so show and clips could talk about something what he did dream the audience and made him passionate about it ». Patrizia continued by revealing: «When I heard this thing I got weird and I said ‘sorry I didn’t understand’. Oh my God, because I always drop these bombs, I don’t want to do it and instead damn it ».

Substance she immediately intervened saying: «” Oh my God, you know you just have dropped a live bomb? Love alive the truth let’s see it in this way ».

But Ainett is not the only one who was blown away by Pellegrino’s statements. Many followers started commenting, enraged. Did Alex and Soleil really make fun of everyone? Alfonso Signorini, also tonight, will have a lot to talk about in the episode. Who knows how the two directly concerned will react …

Last updated: Monday 10 January 2022, 4:44 pm