There is a Harry Potter scene that is the most difficult to work on, this is what the director says: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After two decades working on the first Harry Potter film, until now director Chris Columbus still remembers a scene in the film that he thought was almost impossible to do; quidditch, a fictional Hogwarts wizarding sport.

Through the special documentary Return to Hogwarts, Chris Columbus as director of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone revealed that the first quidditch scene in cinema history was the most difficult scene to work on for several reasons; one of them is that there is no real-world foundation that can be used.

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“Quidditch is a fictional sport, but audiences have to understand the rules right away in the first film. So JK Rowling provided a short guidebook for the crew that explained the important details of the game,” said Chris.

Taking inspiration from various sports and also interpreting Rowling’s rules of quidditch as best they could, Chris and production designer Stuart Craig created a field as grand as possible and as accurate as possible with the novel; with a note that everything should also look as realistic as possible.

“The field we created feels very authentic and amazing,” continued Chris.

Of course, the hard work of the crew did not betray the results; Harry’s inaugural quidditch match managed to become one of the most iconic sports scenes in the history of cinema even though he is now 20 years old. In fact, this fictional sport has succeeded in giving rise to branches in the real world through matches held by the US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch communities.

With directors and actors in attendance for a 20-year reunion, the documentary Special Return to Hogwarts has now been streaming on the HBO Max streaming service since January 1.