there is already a controversy with Soleil and Manila Nazzaro

A few hours from the entrance, have already taken Sparks between the new entries and the competitors at home. Last night, they entered the GF Vip Maria Monsè and Patrizia Pellegrino. The latter, a true Neapolitan, has already turned against it Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge, arguing that the first is fake and the second presumptuous.

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«Let’s talk about who I like least in this edition – said Pellegrino -. Soleil for sure, you are familiar with the medium of television. I find it presumptuous, haughty, too safety of himself, above all he does not let others speak. Alex has become a manipulator, he wants to impose himself by force. I feel it is not very real and too constructed. I want to find out their true personality. And I want the truth at all costs”.

The response of the 27 year old was not long in coming: at the entrance of Patrizia, Sorge gave her a cold welcome, with a poisonous hug and repeating his words. Soleil spoke of the question to Alex, who immediately pressed Patrizia asking for explanations. At this point Pellegrino continued to deny, saying she didn’t really think what she said in the video.

«Me against you and Soleil? But when ever. Then I’ve known you for a lifetime. I may have said that she is trying to charm you with her charm and you have let yourself be seduced a little. Only this, I have not said anything more. The external feeling was of one who was bewitched by the beautiful girl. I have known you for a long time and therefore I believe you if you say that Soleil has no double ends towards you ».

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Ma Alex he does not seem to have been convinced by Patrizia and immediately said to Soleil: «You tell me that I am fake? But she will be, she has known me for a long time and at parties has always filled me with compliments. That does not make me more i smiley, why don’t I fall for it now. This will have thought about taking sides against us to make two comparisons and have some visibility. I would say she started on the wrong foot ».

And again, during the night, Soleil wanted a comparison Patrizia: «You said that I am haughty, obnoxious and presumptuous. You are showing that you are prejudiced. And I don’t have to prove anything to a person who starts like this. I don’t have to make you think again about anything, it’s you who have a prejudice. You made judgments and you don’t remember well. Nothing is true that you said I am intelligent, but you specified that Alex and I were among the least sympathetic to you and that he was also a fake and manipulator. You realize you went to Alex to tell him he was high dupe from “that little girl ?! You know it’s not cute all of this? I have to tell you that you don’t make a good impression if you start like this. ‘ Patrizia’s answer was ready to calm the waters: «No darling, remember male, really. I said you are very nice e intelligent and that you know TV. It was my voice, will I know what I said? Then I’ve known Alex for a long time. In here maybe it gave me a different impression from the outside but I didn’t say anything in particular. Indeed from home I looked at you and thought ‘how beautiful she is, who knows how she is live, it would be perfect for acting in the theater with me’. You know I would look good in my new one show?».

But the controversy is not over. Pellegrino also discussed with Manila Nazzaro. During the night, while the latter was filling out the shopping list, the Neapolitan immediately stated that she wanted to eat fish at least twice a week. This pretentious attitude unnerved Nazzaro, who categorically replied: «We are not here let’s eat fish. Ok, yes it costs like meat but we never take it, what arrives is not good. We’ve already tried and we haven’t we will take“. Pellegrino was also the protagonist of some embarrassing moments, citing Hitler, to which he compared the worries for its “dictatorial” character. Then, speaking with Lulù Selassiè, she hinted that in her opinion go to the psychologist is useless: “You have to look for yourself, very often one thinks he has to go to the Psychologist, you do not serve … you need a friend a person sincere. Someone who makes you read within yourself what you cannot read and this is important ».

Last updated: Tuesday 23 November 2021, 13:41