There will be games of Squid Game in Montreal on weekends

You devoured all nine episodes of Squid Game and you want more? Good news: events inspired by Squid game will be held on weekends in Montreal.

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Behind these gatherings: the Montreal company Walking Brain, which organizes outdoor adventures in the streets of the metropolis.

The participants in this Squid Game Montrealers will take part in children’s games inspired by the popular series.

Armed with their smartphones, the participants, who will have to pay $ 18 and be 18 years of age or older, will be gathered into small groups of three or four people. They will have a few hours to win six games. Losing groups will be eliminated.

Photo courtesy, Netflix

But rest assured: unlike the South Korean series, the losers will not be shot, thrown into the void or stabbed. They will just be eliminated. The winning team will be able to get their hands on a jackpot.

The “Squid Adventures Game” will be held between Mont-Royal Park and La Fontaine Park and will take into account health rules.

For the moment, the games are being held in English only. On the site of the activity, however, it is specified that French versions are coming.

For beginners or for those who live under a rock, The Squid Game, which is available on Netflix, features characters in debt from South Korea’s most marginalized fringes. They participate in six traditional children’s games. At the very end of the competition, the winner (among 456 participants) takes home 45.6 billion won.

In just one month, the phenomenon series was viewed by over 111 million Netflix subscribers.