“This Church has disappointed me, but Silvio Berlusconi is angry with me”

“This Church homophobic and political interference with ddl Zan disappointed me, I want to get baptized“. A surprise, but perhaps not too much, statement from Francesca Pascale. The former partner of Silvio Berlusconi and exponent of Forza Italia, takes a firm position regarding rights.

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In an interview with La Repubblica, Francesca Pascale he explained: “I remain a believer, but this Church has disappointed me because it discriminates against homosexuals”. The former partner of Silvio Berlusconi, bisexual, revealed that he had had several discussions with the leader of Forza Italia: «It is angry at me for the position on the Zan bill and because I go to Pride. He asks me: why? I answer him: because I believe in it. This time I disagree with him and I hope he changes his mind».

In addition to Church, Francesca Pascale reserve an attack a Come on Italy: the woman, a few weeks ago, announced that she wanted to leave the party. «It amazes me that Forza Italia does not allow freedom to vote on civil rights. At least half of the electorate thinks like me, Elio Vito, Stefania Prestigiacomo, Renata Polverini and others who have already voted in favor in the Chamber, or like Barbara Masini who has come out in the Senate and is preparing to vote “- l ‘lunge by Francesca Pascale – «One thing, however, I’m sorry: that only those concerned, homosexuals, should vote for the Zan bill. It is actually a law that all decent people must vote for. Being like the League is not convenient, we might as well vote for the original. Those who are not on the left, but are looking for a liberal right, can no longer find it. I am embittered by a policy that does not take responsibility even in the face of attacks on homosexuals ».

Francesca Pascale also attacks the Vatican: «We know that the Church has an important weight and a part of politics uses it instrumentally, as an alibi. I started the practices to ‘get involved’: I am a believer, I would like it to be clear, but next to the apostolic Church there is another part that is divided between homophobia and silence on pedophilia, and which discriminates. I would like to go back to being a simple militant for a party that believes in liberal values, but in any case we all do politics, every day ».

Last updated: Wednesday 21 July 2021, 11:44